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    Berty has an amazingly calm and positive demeanor and keeps giving me gentle pushes forward and always asks the right questions.


    I feel extremely comfortable talking with Berty about very sensitive topics. She encourages deep exploration of my feelings & helpful ways to navigate them. Her knowledge & expertise is relevant & applicable. I appreciate her validation of my experiences & down to earth approach of offering feedback.  


    I greatly benefited from talking to Berty over a period of several months. She provided a space for me that was judgment free and safe to examine my anxieties and feelings. She was absolutely wonderful and offered great insight into every issue I brought up.  


    Berty has been an amazing counselor from the start and made me feel at home, safe, heard and supported. She has a caring and understanding way about her that touches deep and allows you to feel safe and understood even at your hardest moments. She has been a great support in my life and I have learned so much from her. It took multiple times to find my perfect counselor and I feel that the wait was worth it. I’m very grateful for her time and knowledge.  


    This is an amazing help to my wellbeing and mental acuity
    She is incredibly intuitive especially in the department of narcissistic relationships.


    I have been seeing Berty since for about 5 months now. To say that she has helped me would be an understatement. She has given me the strength to become a better person, discover who I am, what I want, and what I need in life and relationships. She is an amazing listener and is extremely knowledgeable. Every single session she allows me to go over the allotted time because I believe that she genuinely cares about me, wants to hear all that I have to say, and wants to help as much as she can. I would recommend her to any single one of my friends or family members. I cannot say enough about her. She has really saved me during these hard times and I will continue to keep seeing her.  


    Berty is absolutely wonderful. She has a beautifully positive demeanor and is able to professionally sew humor and light-heartedness into her sessions. She will always lend a compassionate and insightful ear, and displays true empathy. I cannot recommend her enough!


    Berty sincerely cares and understands on a deeper level with no judgment. I highly recommend her!  


    She is very attentive and helps to come up with solutions for your problems.  


    Berty is great. She is empathetic and does a great job of leading and listening. Thank you!  


    Berty is an awesome therapist who can help me piece together my jumbled thoughts and help me draw conclusions that I am unable to do on my own.   


    Berty has been amazing! I often think we are going to talk about one thing and we end up in a different direction that is more at the root of my problems. I am blown away by her perspective and insight as it has often not been what I would have expected. I feel like she is getting to the root of my struggles where I have spent far to long at the surface.   


    Berty is on point with identifying our communication problems in our marriage. Breaking old habits of relating with head – heart relationship will be a struggle for us as we are as opposite personalities. We aim to keep focused so we don’t get too fussy, hurt or despondent.    






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